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Siobhan Jones…read more

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The Analogy of the Cave
Plato believes in two worlds: the world of appearance and
the world of reality
Plato suggests that the body is a kind of prison in which the
soul is trapped
Plato thinks that there are two types of people- those who
see appearance and mistake them for truth and those who
really see the truth
These `enlightened' ones are philosophers- philosophers are
the only ones fit to be on a government because they are the
only ones that know what GOODNESS truly is…read more

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The Cave
A group of people sit at the back of a cave facing the
wall, they are chained up and have been there since
Behind them is a fire and a raised walkway where
people can walk holding puppets and creating shadows
For the prisoners this `appearance' seems real because
they have never seen anything else…read more

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The escaped prisoner
One prisoner breaks free and makes the slow, painful
journey out of the cave
The first thing he encounters is the sun- he realises that
the sun is a source of life
He believes that the material world of appearance is
merely a poor copy of the Forms
He returns to tell the others but they think he is stupid
and stay in the cave…read more

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The returning prisoner
The other prisoners rejected him, they preferred
Some even wanted to kill this enlightened one (a
Plato had in mind his own teacher, Socrates, as he was
condemned to death…read more

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The Form of the Good
Illuminates all other Forms
The most important Form…read more

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