Plato's Allegory of the cave

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  • Plato's Allegory of the Cave
    • The Shadows
      • Represents the distorted and manipulated view of the world which humans have.
        • Humanity cannot truly see reality
        • Not very clear, very far away from true knowledge, empty and lifeless, meaningless.
          • Held and carried by metaphorical politicians - they are manipulating humanity's views on the world, deliberately confusing them.
    • The Prisoners
      • humanity
        • They are chained up and do not have true knowledge of the world - all they know is the inside of the cave and the shadows.
          • chained up - chlaustrophobia
            • mocking humanity's confinement
          • We are stupid and follow blindly anything that anyone else tells us or our senses.
    • The Outside World
      • World of Forms
    • The Cave
      • The physical world
      • Negative connotations; dark, damp etc.
        • Plato saying that we cannot learn anything from the physical world - we cannot see the forms.
        • Hell-like, Plato telling us that the world is not a nice place.
    • The Sun
      • The Form of the Good, the source of all the other forms
    • The journey out of the cave
      • dragged, symbolising the difficulty to be able to open your eyes to true knowledge - links to violence
    • The return of the prisoner
      • Wants to tell his fellow prisoners what he has seen, however, he is rejected and they think they might kill him
      • Socrates' death?


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