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The Cave is the most important as it combines similes of The Sun and The Divided Line. The journey of the
prisoner is crucial in explaining Plato's beliefs.

Prisoners bound facing the wall-
Here the prisoners are at the level of illusion. All they can see are…

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to see the Sun in the full manner. When he can do this he can see the life the sun creates and can
understand how the Forms partake in the Form of the Good.

Strengths Weaknesses

Encourages us to question in order to learn, Socrates says "our argument shows that…

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The Sun ­ The Form of Good
The Fire ­ the false Form of Good in the Visible Realm
The Cave ­ the world in which we live
The Prisoner who turns around ­ the philosopher striving to realise the truth
The Chains ­ human thought and desire, constrains us…


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