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IGCSE Physics in a nutshellquick revision
1. Speed vs time graphs. The area under gives distance travelled and gradient gives
acceleration, (change in speed/time)
2. total stopping distance of a car = thinking distance + braking distance
3. Thinking distance is affected by alcohol/drugs, tiredness, alertness of driver.

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1. In transverse waves the oscillations are at right angles to the wave eg electromagnetic
waves, water waves, in longitudinal waves the oscillations are parallel to the wave eg sound
and ultrasound
2. Frequency is the number of waves/sec, amplitude is the maximum displacement of a
particle and wavelength…

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Solids, liquids and gases
1. 1. Describe and draw diagrams to show the motion and bonds between molecules in solids,
liquid and gases
2. Density = mass / volume experiments involving density
3. Pressure = force/area
4. Brownian motion provides evidence for the existence of molecules
5. For a fixed…




Hey i would love to know where you got these notes!! need them for other subjects!! **

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