Physics equations

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P.s. the letters at the end of the equations are the units it is measured in :)

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Physics Equations
o Speed = Distance m/s
o Acceleration = Change in Velocity m/s
o Distance when accelerating = b x h
o Distance at constant speed = b x h
o Resultant force = mass x acceleration N
o Stopping distance = thinking distance + braking distance
o Weight = mass x gravitational field strength N
o Work done = force x distance J
o Power = Energy W
o Kinetic Energy = Mass x Velocity J
o GPE = Weight x Height J
o Momentum = Mass x Velocity Kgm/s
o Force = Change in momentum J
o Power Supplied = Current x Potential Difference W
o Charge = Current x Time C
o Energy Transformed = Potential Difference x Charge Flow J
o Frequency = _____1_____ Hz
Time Period
o Resistance = Voltage (Potential Difference) Ohms
o Current = Potential Difference A


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