Physics Coursework Guidance

Physics coursework guidance for AS Physics

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Physics Coursework Guidance
A ­ Plan General guidance Handwritten
Future tense
2 sides of A4
Include What measurements ­ how?
How will measurements be used
Quote equations which apply ­ explain them
Accuracy Repeating results
Other methods of collecting data
Safety Anything on the topic
B ­ Practical ­ ­
C ­ Results Tables
Collecting data
Significant figures
Calculated figures ­ within same table
Plot graph as you conduct experiment
Anomalies ­ comment, repeat
D ­ Evaluation Graphs
Highlight anomalies
Trends ­ proportional? Through the origin?
Prediction true / false?
Link results to theory
Graph ­ reflect on accuracy
Spread of points ­ correlation

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