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Water Glucose Oxygen

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Light-dependent reaction
Stage One
absorbs light!…read more

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Light-dependent reaction
Stage Two This excites a pair of
electrons in the molecule,
raising them to a higher
energy level. These
electrons leave the
chlorophyll and are taken
up by an electron carrier.
The chlorophyll has
therefore been oxidised
and the electron carrier
reduced.…read more

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Light-dependent reaction
Stage Three The electrons are passed
along a transfer chain of
AT electron carriers. Each new
carrier is at a slightly lower
energy level so electrons
P lose energy at each stage.
This energy is used to
combine ADP and Pi to
form ATP.…read more

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Light-dependent reaction
The electrons that were
Stage Four NADP
NADPH lost from the chlorophyll
must be replaced, so water
splits by photolysis to
produce 2 H+'s, 2e-'s and
Oxygen. The electrons
replace the chlorophyll and
the H+'s combine with an
e- carrier called NADP.
They reduce the NADP to
form reduced NADP or
NADPH.…read more

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Light-independent reaction
Stage One CO2 diffuses into
the leaf through
the stomata and
travels into the
stroma of the
CO2…read more

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excellent resource... a very difficult concept explained in a beautiful manner

Kelly Davies


This was really helpful. Thank you!!!! :-)

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