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Photosynthesis…read more

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Light-dependent stage
Occurs on the thylakoid membranes.
Two main functions:
To produce ATP
To split water molecules, providing H+ ions to
reduce CO2 and produce carbohydrates…read more

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Cyclic photophosphorylation
AT Electron e-
P acceptor
ADP + Pi Electron transport
chain light
2. The electron is taken up
by an electron acceptor
and passed along an
electron transport chain to
produce ATP.
1. When light hits a chlorophyll
molecule, a light-excited electron
leaves the molecule.
e-…read more

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acceptor Reduced
H+ from water NADP NADP
AT To light-
ADP independent
Electron P
+ Pi reactions
acceptor e-
H2O H+ + OH- Electron
transport chain light
photolysis e -
Photosystem I
O2 + H2O
Photolysis is used to replace the
e Photosystem II electrons lost from PSII when it is hit by
light.…read more

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NADP stands nicotinamide
adenine dinucleotide
Light-independent stage
Occurs in the stroma.
Uses reduced NADP and ATP from the light-
dependent stage.
Each stage of the cycle is controlled by
enzymes.…read more

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