Periodic Table


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Periodic table
Dalton's atomic theory
All matter made of atoms
All atoms of a given element are identical with the same mass but have different masses
from the atoms of the other elements
A compound is a combination of atoms of two more elements in a specific ratio
Atoms can be neither created or destroyed
In a chemical reaction atoms in the reactants are rearranged to give the products of the

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The nuclear atom
Electrons found in the early 20th century if atoms contain ­ive particles they must also
contain positive particles
Rutherford's gold foil experiment showed:
Atoms contain a small, central, positively charged nucleus
The diameter of the nucleus is about 1/10,000 of the atom
Almost all the mass is in the nucleus
Electrons orbit the nucleus
Aston invented the mass spectrometer and found that there are isotopes different
atoms of the same element with different masses
Moseley devised a way of measuring the positive…read more

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