OCR AS Chemistry Key Terms: Unit 1;The Periodic Table

An incomplete list of Key terms which will be completed when I discover more important ones :)

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Key Definitions for AS ChemistryThe Periodic TableAmber Hornsby
Key Definitions for Unit 1 Chemistry
The Periodic Table
Displacement reaction ­ a reaction in which a more-reactive element displaces a less-reactive element
form an aqueous solution of the latter's ions.
Disproportionation ­ the oxidation and reduction of the same element in a redox reaction
Group ­ vertical column in the Periodic Table. Elements in a group have similar chemical properties and
their atoms have the same number of outer-shell electrons
Metalloids ­ elements which display properties between those of a metal and a non-metal
Period ­ a horizontal row of elements in the Periodic Table
Periodicity ­ a regular periodic variation of properties of elements with atomic number and position in the
Periodic Table
Precipitation reaction ­ the formation of a solid from a solution during a chemical reaction; precipitates
are often formed when two aqueous solutions are mixed together.
Thermal decomposition ­ the breaking up of a chemical substance with heat into at least two chemical


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