Past Questions: Constitution

Some answered, some not. This is a compilation of all the past paper questions (that were accessible at the time - there may be more now). Good source for practice questions without having to wade through the Edexcel website (which isn't very good...).

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ShortAnswer Questions (15)
Why, and to what extent, has there been disagreement about the constitutional
importance of federalism?

Explain the ways in which the Constitution seeks to prevent the 'tyranny of the

How and why is federalism enshrined in the Constitution?

How effectively do the three branches of…

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Some of it just doesn't make sense ­ e.g. 2nd Amendment guns are far too easy to
get hold of (e.g. Columbine school, Tucson shootings, reforms always fall at 2nd
Notable omissions ­ e.g. no `one person, one vote' declaration
Despite some issues with the constitution, fundamentally speaking…

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allowing Obama to do the same) checks and balances are now more a political
vehicle than a matter of improving the quality of govt
Nobody is happy ­ around 15% approval rating for Congress liberals think checks are
too stringent conservatives think it allows too much ­ this system pleases…


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