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P5 ­ Electricity - Answers
1. Some insulating materials become electrically charged when they are rubbed together. When the materials are rubbed against
each other negatively charged particles called electrons move from one material to the other.
The material that loses electrons becomes positively charged.
The material that gains electrons…

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13. Thermistors are used as temperature sensors, for example, in fire alarms. Their resistance decreases as the temperature
At low temperatures, the resistance of a thermistor is high and little current can flow through them.
At high temperatures, the resistance of a thermistor is low and more current can…

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Alternating current flowing through the primary coil creates an alternating magnetic field
This changing field then induces an alternating current in the secondary coil
Transformers only work if AC is supplied to the primary coil. If DC was supplied, there would be no current in the secondary coil.
25. It…


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