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Using the Sun's Energy
Photocells: direct current (DC) ­ flows same way round
^ made of silicon - a semiconductor
^ silicon atoms absorb some of the energy ­ knocking loose some electrons
^ electrons then flow around circuit = electricity
Current + power output depend on:
Surface area ­…

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Fossil Fuels Concentrated source (little bit Burning them causes acid rain + produces CO2
of coal = lot of heat) Buy most from other countries = no control of
At moment readily available price + supply
Sources are running out
Biomass Renewable burning methane produces CO2 but
`carbon neutral' plants…

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The Dynamo Effect = usingto transform KE into electrical energy
ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION: The creation of a VOLTAGE (and maybe current) in a wire
which is experiencing a CHANGE IN MAGNETIC FIELD
Situation when get EM induction = electrical conductor moves through magnetic field +
magnetic field through electrical conductor changes…

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The Greenhouse Effect

Concentration of greenhouse gases in atmosphere increasing as sources are increasing:
Carbon Dioxide: people use more energy (cars) ­ get from burning fossil fuels which
releases CO2
^ more land is needed for houses + food = space made chopping + burning trees ­ fewer
trees =…

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roller to make thinner and vice versa) ­ radioactive substance mustn't decay too quickly ­
beta penetrates through paper and card but not too much
Gamma: Medical (high doses kill living cells (kills cancer), kill microbes = sterilising)+
industrial (non-destructive testing ­ planes direct gamma at turbine blades in engines,…

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^ asteroids or comets which may be on collision course for Earth
Calculate object's trajectory (it's path)
Difficult to spot ­ small, dark, unusual orbits
Small = burn up in atmosphere
Large = explosions more powerful than nuclear weapons
If explode a bomb on or in it then might nudge…

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More distant galaxies = greater red-shift = moving away quicker than lost closer = whole
Universe is expanding
Cosmic background radiation = low frequency microwave radiation from Universe
^ as Universe expands and cools, background radiation `cools' + drops frequency
Big Bang: All squashed together, `exploded' ­ still expanding


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