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Maya Sterrie

Outline and evaluate the psychological explanation of schizophrenia

One psychological explanation of schizophrenia is the sociocultural explanation, focusing on social
and cultural factors, like the family and social environments. Another sociocultural factor is the
doublebind theory proposed by Bateson. This theory suggests that schizophrenia is viewed as a…

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Maya Sterrie

schizophrenia, the theory aiding in moving away from drug/biological treatments, could help lead
to the treatment of schizophrenia moving away from the use of drugs and more towards a
therapybased solution. However, in particular with schizophrenia, drugs such as antipsychotics
have been found to be an extremely effective…

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Maya Sterrie

This theory is further supported by Bentall et al (1991) who found that schizophrenics struggled to
identify words belong to a certain category, such as birds, that they had read earlier, created
themselves or had not seen before, supporting Frith's theory that people with schizophrenia have
metarepresentational problems.…


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