Organisms respond to change in their internal and external environments AQA A2 Biology PART 5 of 9 TOPICS: Synaptic transmission

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Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external
environments (AQA A2 Biology) PART 5 of 9 TOPICS

Synaptic transmission:
The structure of a cholinergic synapse and neuromuscular junction should be known. The
acetylcholine receptor in the first image on the left is more better known as nicotinic cholinergic

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Spatial summation is where many presynaptic neurones connect to one postsynaptic neurone. A small
amount of excitatory neurotransmitters can be enough for the threshold to be met in the
postsynaptic neurone and causing an action potential to be created. If some neurotransmitters are
inhibitory then the overall effect may not…

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