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Chapter 2: On
the Move…read more

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Identification and Authentication
In new passport it would contain a microchip.
The chip is an RFID ( Radio Frequency
The chip stores the user's photograph and
personal information.
Introduced to increase security…read more

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Connecting to the Internet
when travelling you can connect to the
internet by:
- by cable
- using a wireless connection…read more

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Cyber Cafés
A place where it has personal computers
connected to the internet and available for
the use by customers.
This usually cost by the hour or fraction of an
hour.…read more

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Wi-Fi Access
In many towns and Cities around the world,
you can use WiFi connection to the internet
for free.
Mostly located at hotels, restaurant snd café
chain. This is called Hotspot…read more

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Online photo Album
Is easier than emailing photos to each other.
This allow access to the people they want to
show…read more

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