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Othello Context
For Othello Shakespeare found his plot in a collection of Italian narratives
Hecatommithi by Ciraldo Cinthio.

* Shakespeare was writing during the Renaissance a period in European cultural history
when extraordinary changes were taking place in the fields of religion, politics, science,
language and the arts.

Jacobean Tragedy…

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Shakespearean tragedies invited audiences to witness the fall of great people ­ such
displays of the decline of the rich and powerful were both fascinating and


Women lacked rights and were considered subordinate and inferior
Women's statue and roles were subject to the tyranny of patriarchy, `I do…

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Italians were generally considered to be cunning, with a love of plots and
deceptions: Machiavelli
Venetian women had a reputation for being sophisticated and sexually active. It
was notorious for prostitutes
Venice was famous for the fairness of its laws: a place of order & justice
In 16th Century it…


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