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Appropriation S3
· Pitham & Hehl ­ the offer to sell is assumption
of rights
· Lawrence ­ taking more money than owed is
· Gomez ­ can be with or without owners
· Hinks ­ A gift taken dishonestly is
appropriation…read more

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Property S4
· Money ­ cash coins notes
· Personal ­ jewellery etc
· Real ­ Land buildings
· Things in Action ­ Tickets
· Oxford V Moss ­ Confidential information isn't
property.…read more

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Belonging to Another S5
· Wide definition ­ no need to know who is the
true owner of the property
· Turner - taking own car from a garage
· Woodman ­ can be in control of property and
not know
· Webster ­ duplicate parcels & keeping both
· Davidge V Bunnett ­ given money for specific
purpose, must go to this purpose…read more

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Dishonest S2
· Not defined in act. S2 lists when NOT
dishonest :
· Has the right in law to deprive other of it ­ (Robinson)
· Having owners consent if the other knew
· Person who's property it is cannot be discovered
· Ghosh 2 part test
· 1 was the defendants act dishonest in respect to the
honest and reasonable mans
· Did the defendant realise their actions were dishonest…read more

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With intention to permanently deprive
· Velumyl ­ not returning same bank notes
· DPP v J ­ taking, destroying then returning is
depriving of its full use.
· Easom ­ looked through handbag but not take
anything ­ not guilty.…read more

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