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Of Mice and Men Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

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"I remember about the rabbits, George." This is the first mention we have of the dream. Even
from the introduction, it seems Lennie is more
"The hell with the rabbits. That's all you can ever excited than George about…

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"Lennie watched him with wide eyes, and old Candy The crux of the dream for George is not the absence
watched him too. Lennie said softly, "We could live of work, or the easy living, or even having a lot of
offa the fatta the lan'." money. It is simply…

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parameters of George's concerns (making their
"I done another bad thing." dream a reality), what Lennie did or didn't do doesn't
matter. The dream is over.
"It ... no difference," George said, and he fell silent

Of Mice and Men Friendship Quotes
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They had walked in single…

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Lennie broke in. "But not us! An' why? Because...
because I got you to look after me, and you got me to
look after you, and that's why." He laughed
delightedly. "Go on now, George!" (1.113116)
"We travel together," said George coldly. Thought: Curley, using scorn, makes the suggestion

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Of Mice and Men Isolation Quotes
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"Well, we ain't got any," George exploded. "Whatever Thought: What George envisions as freedom (freedom from
Lennie, to do whatever he wants, to hang out in whorehouses
we ain't got, that's what you want. God a'mighty, if I and pool halls) is…

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OLD MAN [CANDY] "A guy on a ranch don't never listen Thought: It's interesting to wonder whether this kind of

nor he don't ast no questions." (2.67) loneliness serves the greater good. Each guy keeps his nose
clean, everybody stays out of trouble with each other, and all

involved then…


Nina Opoku


This was really helpful thank you!

Nina Opoku


This was really helpful thank you!

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