Of mice and men plus Quotations

great revision with quoattions

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Quote Analysis
Lennie is excited about the dream, it
"He laughed delightedly." comforts him. Here he is over excited like a
small child.
"Let's have different coloured rabbits, Lennie believes that it is going to happen. It
George." is not just a dream, it is a hope
"I'll break their god-damn necks"
George dismisses the dream. More cautious.
"The hell with the rabbits."
Doesn't believe it will really happen
"I ain't got time for no more" ... "I think I
knowed we'd never do her
"He repeated the words rhythmically..." Like a chant, as though it is their religion
"Guys like us... they don't belong no This is the most important part of the
place..." dream to George.
"We'd belong there"
For Candy, it is more than a dream or a
"Maybe we could do her right now"
hope, it is a plan
Candy thinks a lot about the practicalities of
"I been figuring some more"
Quote Analysis
"The rabbits hurried noiselessly for cover" George and Lennie disturb nature
"An' live off the fatta the lan'" The dream is to be peaceful with nature
"I drowned four of them right of ... I kept
Survival of the fittest
the biggest"
Quote Analysis
Described as possession, only female
"I could live so easily, and maybe have a girl." contact is with prostitutes. George is a
"Why, I could stay in a cat-house all night."
"A guy can go in an' get drunk and get
ever'thing outa his system all at once, an' no
"the old man" Candy is labelled, like "nigger" and "tart"

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This is one of the first things Candy says
"The stable buck's a nigger."
about the stable buck
"They let the nigger come in one night" Special occasion, he is usually isolated.
"In it a range of medicine bottle, both for His own medicine is mixed with the animals',
himself and for the horses" as though he himself is one of them.…read more

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Lennie who had been watching, imitated His mimicry is not simply to fit into the
George exactly" civilized world, he admires him
"But not us!... because I got you to look
Their friendship is rare, considering their
after me and you got me to look after
situation as ranch workers
"Lennie's closed hand slowly obeyed" Paternal relationship
Quote Analysis
"If you jus' happen to get in trouble like you
They have no hope.
always have done before..."
"rouged lips...…read more

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It was difficult for Crooks to conceal his
pleasure with anger"
"What she says is true" He accepts that he is not respected and
appears even to agree with it
"I wouldn't want to go no place like that"
Quote Analysis
"Inside, the walls were white washed and the
Bunkhouse is basic
floor unpainted."
"the lazy afternoon humming...…read more


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