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"If I was alone I could live so easy. I could go get a job and work no
"Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the
"But you ain't gonna get in no trouble, because if you do, I won't let
you tend the rabbits"
"You always forget and I gotta talk you out of it. Now we got to be
"They get mean. They get wanting to fight all the time"…read more

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"Hell of a nice fella, but he ain't bright"
"I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you"
"I get to tend the rabbits"
"He's jes like a kid"
"George, why is it both ends the same?"
"Why do you got to get killed? You ain't so little as mice"
"I like to pet nice things with my fingers"
"I tried, Aunt Clara, ma'am. I tried and tried. I couldn' help it"…read more

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"She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes heavily made up"
"I'm looking for Curley"
"I never seen no piece of jail-bait worse that her"
"She's gonna make a mess"
"They left all the weak ones here"
"I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely"
"And all the meanness and the planning's and the discontent were gone
from her face. She was very pretty and very simple and her face was sweet
and young"
"She caught the dead scent of Curley's wife...she whimpered and cringed to
the packing box"…read more

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"Ya see the stable buck's a nigger"
"His body was his crooked spine"
"he had thin, pain tightened lips"
"Crook was a proud, aloof man"
"if i say something, why, it's just a nigger saying it"
"Every damn one of ems got a little pieces of land in his head"
"I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain't even funny"
"Crooks had reduced himself to nothing. He had no personaity, no ego -
nothing to arouse either like or dislike."
"A guy gets too lonely an he gets sick"…read more

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"I been around him so much I never notice how he stinks"
"Awright, take 'im"
"I could cook and tend the chickens and hoe the garden"
"When they can me I wish'd somebody'd shoot me"
"I won't have no place to go"
"I think I knowed we'd never do her (the dream)"
"You ain't no good now you lousy tart"…read more

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