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Mens Rea - Cases

Name Happened Point of Law
Mohan 1975 D was driving his car Intent is an essential
and responded to a ingredient of an attempt
police officer's signal to and is the only mens rea of
stop. D slowed down attempts
but then accelerated

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Mens Rea - Cases

from which the child serious bodily harm was
died. a virtual certainty barring
some unforeseen
intervention as a result of
the defendant's
actions, and that the
defendant realised such
was the case, and that the
word infer shall not be
used but the word find

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Mens Rea - Cases

shop, cause £1m of circumstances known to
damage him,unreasonable to take
the risk

Adomako 1994 D, an anaesthetist, gross negligence depends
failed to observe during on the seriousness of the
an eye operation that breach of the duty
the tube inserted in V"s committed by…

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Mens Rea - Cases

C, missed and wounded in some respects, is an
the landlady V unintended one

Actus Reus and Mens
Thabo Meli V R 1954 Thabo Meli and his Actus and mens were
friends took their victim present throughout no
to a small hut and beat need…




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