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· Statutory offences are aimed at preventing
danger or problems to the public.
· The risk of danger outweighs the defendants
individual rights
· E.G ­ all vehicles are in a safe condition and
operated safely, as obvious risks are injury
or death
· "statutes are not meant to punish but put
pressure on the thoughtless and inefficient
when doing their duty"…read more

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· Main justification is their usefulness to the
public as a whole.
· They help to protect society by regulating
activities "involving potential danger to
public health, safety or morals"
· it promotes greater care and ensures
businesses are run correctly
· If people are prosecuted when they have
taken care they may be put of taking
precautions in the future.…read more

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· Easier to enforce that there is no need for
men's rea
· Saves court time as people are more likely to
plead guilty
· Parliament can provide due diligence when
it is appropriate
· Lack of blameworthiness can be taken into
account when sentencing…read more

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· Imposes liability on people who are not
· no evidence that it improves standards
· Those unaware of risks may be guilty
· Imposition of strict liability is contrary to
human rights
· Some strict liability offences carry a social
stigma…read more

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· Harrow LBC V Shah Shah ­ they had done
their best to prevent sales of lottery tickets to
anyone under 16 but were still found guilty
when it happened.
· Callow V Tillstone 1900 ­ Even though an
expert was consulted it was not sufficient
enough for him not to be guilty…read more

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