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Madeha Shamsuddin
Sociology:- Introduction to Sociology
Sociology paper 1: Sociology Basics :Written Paper (Section A: Research Methods) Section B: Socialisation (15/06/2011) (1

Sociology is about society; Social structures (the family, education, social stratification, etc.). Social systems (culture and identity,
agents of social control, etc.). Social issues (the causes of…

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Madeha Shamsuddin
Media fabricates stories to entertain and sustain audiences contemporary needs, happens mostly in remote places where there is no
documentation of the area.

Social Control- Schools (control, reward & punish you based on the hidden curriculum), Force (in society you get sanctions, police &
the army to restrict…

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Madeha Shamsuddin
Judgment Sampling: A deliberate choice of a sample - the opposite of random ­ don't really need to know
Convenience Sampling: Uses those who are willing to volunteer ­ don't really need to know
Cluster Sampling: Units in the population can often be found in certain geographic groups…

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Madeha Shamsuddin
Subjectivity- when researcher's personal views influence the study
Research population- is the groups(s) of people relevant to the study being completed.
Interviewer Bias- is where the interviewer influences the answer that the respondent gives.
Research population: group(s) of people relevant to study being done
Social Desirability- is where…

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Madeha Shamsuddin

Is where data is collected by interacting with, and therefore experiencing, the phenomenon being studied.

Past Sociologist Examples:
-Large Sample Size (Conner & Dewson 2001) - Positivists prefer representativeness and generalize.
-Low response rate (Hite) = gave 100,000 out received only 4.5% back.

-Milgram (1974)…

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Madeha Shamsuddin

Sociology paper 3: Applying Sociological Research Techniques (to case study): Written Paper (21/06/2011) (1 hour)
On sociological research techniques- it replaced course work
1 hour
Pre-released material on Education
Need a highlighter
You need to: identify and describe the methods and techniques used in the investigations, identify hyposis…

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Madeha Shamsuddin

There is no correct definition on the family, Sociologists do not agree on a definition, broadly there are two types of definition;
Exclusive definitions ­ These focus on the specific relationships within the family unit i.e. marriage
Inclusive definitions ­ These focus on the functions of the unit…

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Madeha Shamsuddin
Single mothers are less likely to work than married mothers and if they do, it is likely to be part time work. The lack of free nursery
care makes it difficult for single mothers to work.

Sociological views:
New Right thinkers see a connection between one-parent families, educational…

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Madeha Shamsuddin
- Working class- flexible- looser arrangement
- Young and Willmott 1950s study in Bethnal Green- working class tend to have extended famz.

- Do not stereotype families and individuals by ethinic BUT e.g.
- South Asians (Indian, Paki, Bengi origin) tend to be larger fam then average…

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Madeha Shamsuddin

A Post-Modern view of the family is that the diversity of family structures are evidence that people feel they have more freedom and
choice, which is a good thing and that no one family type is better than another nor does one particular type suit all people and…




Amazing resource thank you so much!

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I was reading through this, whilst reading I found that the grammar war extremely poor.

It said 'analyze' the word 'cuz' was used and people was abbreviated into 'peps'

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