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Anti-wrinkle cream causes
stampede at shops
IiC 2011
[email protected]…read more

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Part A
· A new anti-wrinkle cream has been
produced. It claims to be so
effective that shops have sold out in
a day.
· The manufacturer claims that the
cream is twice as good as normal
anti-wrinkle creams at plumping up
the skin and smoothing away
wrinkles. The manufacturers say
they have scientific proof of just
how good this cream is.
· A medical journal reported that a
scientific study by a university
professor showed that people who
used the cream for a year had fewer
wrinkles. The wrinkles were also
smaller.…read more

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Part B
The cream contains
vitamin A, proteins and
extracts taken from plants
such as lupin and alfalfa,
which increase the
production of fibrillin in the
skin. Fibrillin is a protein
that can repair ageing and
sun-damaged skin by
making it more elastic.
A volunteer's face before The same volunteer's face after
using the cream. using the cream.…read more

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The professor who carried out
the research was funded by the
manufacturers, but he designed
the experiments independently.
The cream was put through the
same testing that is normally
used on new medicines.
The cream was found to be effective in
reducing wrinkles in 70 % of the people
who tested it. However, trying to reduce
wrinkles is expensive. The professor said,
"People should realise that it is exposure
to the Sun that causes most wrinkles. If
they knew this, they might be able to avoid
getting so many wrinkles in the first place."…read more

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Three members of the public
were interviewed about the
new anti-wrinkle cream.
Part C
"What a load of "It's working for me. I
rubbish. Just some have bought two bottles.
more false claims I am going to use twice
about a new skin as much so it will work
cream. It's just a even better."
load of techno-
Peter "If it's only 70 %
successful why should I
bother? I want to lose all
Sue of my wrinkles."…read more


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