OCR additional Maths Revision Formula

A helpsheet i made containing, I think all the formula which are needed to remember for the FSMQ exam, additional maths. If there are any formula which you think i have missed, please send me a message as they could be ones that i dont know either.

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OCR Additional Maths
Gradient = y - y Midpoint of Line:
Constant Acceleration
x - x ( x + x , y + y) U= Intial velocity
2 2
V= Final velocity
Equation of Line : T= Time
y - y = m(x - x) A= Acceleration
Equation of Circle: S= Distance
(x - x)² + (y - y)² = r²
Length of Line: S=ut+ ½ at²
(y - y) + (x + x)² S= (u+v) x t
= Square root 2
Binomial Expansion:
(a + b)n = nC0a nb0 + nC1a n-1b1 + nC2a n-2b2 + nC3a n-3b3...... and so on
Differentiation Integration:
Y = xn Add one to the power then divide by new power:
dy = n x n-1 dy = 15²
dx dx
y=152+1 = 153 = 53 + C
2+1 3



Great thank you!!! 


Are there not some formula on sin cos and tan like 

Sinx2+cosx2=1 and tanx=sinx/cosx
Christopher Elia

Thank you, this is great!

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