OCR A2 Law Special Study (Criminal Law) Practice Papers!

Involuntary Manslaughter, Practice Papers my teachers given me :) Hope you can put them to good use :)

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3 Example Question Papers, All out of 80
Example Exam Paper 1
1. Discuss the ways in which R v Adomako (1995), Sources 2 and 5, developed the
law of Gross Negligence Manslaughter. (16)
2. In Source 3, page 4, lines 89, Lord Atkins in 1937, stated that `of all crimes
manslaughter appears to afford most difficulties of definition, for it concerns
homicide in so many and so varying conditions'.
Critically assess whether difficulties of definition remain a problem for involuntary
manslaughter today. (34)
3. Consider the potential liability of Ravi for Reckless Manslaughter, Anna for Gross
Negligence Manslaughter, and Eric for constructive manslaughter in each of the
following situations:
a. Ravi sees a car approaching and then pushes a piece of concrete from a
bridge onto the busy road below. Aisha, one of the occupants of the car, is
killed. Ravi says that his purpose was just to frighten the occupants of the
car. He admits, however, that he foresaw the risk that someone might die as
a result of his actions. Ravi has been charged with Reckless Manslaughter.
b. Anna lives with her cousin Daphne, a heroin addict. Anna supplies Daphne
with heroin, and Daphne injects herself with the drug. She has overdosed
and becomes unconscious. Anna, who fears she might be in trouble, decides
not to contact the emergency services. She puts Daphne to bed, hoping she
will recover. Next morning, Daphne is dead and Anna had been charged
with Gross Negligence Manslaughter. (10)
c. Eric and Ernie are neighbours who argue continually about the hedge
dividing their back gardens. One argument becomes heated, and Eric
throws a punch at Ernie. Ernie falls backwards into his wife who hits her
head against a wall. Her skull is fractured and she dies later in hospital. Eric
has been charged with constructive manslaughter. (10)
Example Exam Paper 2
1. Assess the significance of the case of R v Church (Source 1, Page 2) to the
development of the offence of constructive manslaughter. (16)
2. In Source 4 (page 5, lines 2426) Smith and Hogan record that `for many years the
courts have used the terms "recklessness" and "gross negligence" to describe the
fault required for involuntary manslaughter...without any clear definition of either
term'. To what extent do you agree with this assertion that the terms for
recklessness and gross negligence in involuntary manslaughter are unclear?
3. Consider the potential liability of Albert and Paula for constructive manslaughter and
Dr Holmes for gross negligence manslaughter in the following situations.
a. Albert, a 14 year old, bored, teenager, throws the contents of a pot of paint
from a bridge onto a road below. The paint splatters the windscreen of

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Anya's car, she loses control and the car crashed. Anya is killed. At
interview, Albert claims that he never realised that throwing the paint could
cause harm to anyone. (10)
b. Paula and Adam find a rusted handgun. Adam tells Paula that the old gun
cannot be fired because the safety catch has rusted up and cannot be
released. Adam pretends to fire it at Paula. She laughs, picks it up, and
points it at Adam.…read more


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