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corporate and
Crime and Deviance Topic 8…read more

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The Definitions
Corporate Crime:
Crimes committed by companies against employees or
the public
Environmental Crime:
Crimes or forms of harm perpetrated on the
Occupational Crime:
Crimes committed against a company by an employee…read more

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Topic 8

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What is meant by occupational and
corporate crime?
Sutherland (1940)
· Studied white collar crime (crime committed
by a person of respectable and high social
status in the course of his occupation)
· Traditional research into crime centred on
working class offences
· Sutherland believed white collar crimes
needed to be studied
However, his definition of white collar crime is vague and it includes
two crimes!
1. Crime against the individual's organisation
2. Crime benefitting the individual's organization…read more

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Occupational and Corporate offending
· When sociologists talk about white collar or corporate crime
they might not be talking about something illegal
· They could be referring to breaking supervisory codes,
technical standards or harmful activities that aren't illegal
· They could still meet safety requirements
Nelken (2002)
· Corporate crime debates is about both corporate practises
and about sociologist's biased view on what is morally wrong
Pearce + Tombs (1998)
· Corporate crime should extend to the manufacture of
cigarettes and alcohol which are linked to illness…read more

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The impact of occupational crime
Theft by employee's is a major source of crime in Britain
Clarke (1990)
· Found that management turned a blind eye to `fiddles' and
takes them into account when determining wages
Levi (2007)
· Direct loss from fraud in Britain is worth over £12 billion
Barclay et al (1999)
· Theft by shop staff is worth £350 million a year…read more

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