Notes on 'The Yellow Palm'- Robert Minhinnick

Notes on the pome 'The yellow palm'- Robert Minhinnick from 'Moon on the tides'

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The Yellow Palm- Robert Minhinnick
SENSES! Watched, heard, met, smelled, saw
Sounds like the palm of your hand- friendly, unlike an overpowering oak. `he's' not
just giving him one date but arms full
Salaams- Islamic greeting for peace
All of the contrasts in the poem represent all of the contrasting people that war
He talks about all of the senses which makes it seem more real and more of an
The war surrounds him in everything he does
It's about the after effects of conflict
Cruise missile- particular type, sophisticated weaponry (war jargon)
Child- innocent, `awe' fascination
Development of technologies due to war
The missile caused the child to be a beggar yet he is still fascinated by it and looks
at it with awe
Vicious Vs innocence
Imperial Guard- personal bodyguards of Suddam Hussein
Mother of all Wars- hoe Hussein describe the 1st Gulf War
Minhinnick- welsh, b. 1952
He didn't intend for there to be a message behind the poem
Palestine Street is in Baghdad
Uses lots of texture/ colour- like Poppies


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