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The Yellow Palm Notes
Pass/gas ­ half rhyme
I watched a funeral pass ­ Mourning and loss
Iraq war 1998
Hope and Despair
Endless war
Made of glass ­ transparent, can see through
Golden mosque ­ important
Faithful ­ religion is important
Blood on the walls ­ Contrasts with beauty
Muezzin's eye were wild with despair ­ Connects with `blind beggars'
Blind beggars ­ Alliteration ­ Victims of war
I pressed their hands ­ Act of kindness
Mother of all wars ­ 1991
Beauty and hope
Down on my head fell the barbarian sun ­ without principle
Armistice ­ peace settlement
Cruise missile ­ guided missile
Slow and silver caravan, slow and silver caravan ­ repetition
Beggar child...blessed with a smile ­ Alliteration
Yellow palms ­ tree poisoned with gas
All sweeter than salaams ­ prayers
The fruit fell into his hands ­ nature provides food
Line 2, 4, 6 ­ rhyming pattern
Child's future is unknown
Protecting the child


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