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Birth of Weimar- Nov 9th Kaiser Abdicates- Nov 10th Ebert Becomes Leader- Nationalists
and Army had been `stabbed in the back'- January 1919 Spartacists Revolt in Berlin

Weimar Constitution- Attempted to set up the most democratic system in the world where
no individual could gain too much power.…

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circulation, creating inflation. This led to a vicious circle as workers demanded higher
wages which caused inflation

Hyperinflation/Ruhr Invasion- Germany spent huge amounts on the war. After the war,
Germany lost valuable raw materials when territory was taken away. After Germany failed
to repay reparations in 1922, France and Belgium…

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Had Weimar Republic Solved Problems by 1929?- It seemed to have overcome problems of
its early years, but within 4 years Hitler had become Chancellor of Germany and within five
years the constitution had been overturned

Weimar Under Stresemann- Problems

Economy Culture Politics Foreign Policy
Precarious- US In villages and…


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