Northanger Abbey Quotes

List of quotes for Austen's Northanger categorised into themes and characters. Created specifically for AQA LITB3 Elements of the Gothic.

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Northanger Abbey Quotes
Gothic Tension
"She could not entirely subdue the hope of some traditional legends, some awful memorials of an injured
and ill-fated nun"
"you attempt to fasten your door, you discover, with increased alarm, that it has no lock."
"Miss Tilney led the way into a chamber and scarcely staying to hope she would find it comfortable, left
her with an anxious entreaty that she would make as little alteration as possible in her dress."
"But at that moment a sudden knocking made her quit her hold and the lid closed with alarming violence."
Maid disrupts her.
"She heard the wind rage around a corner of the ancient building and close with sudden fury a distant
"A lamp could not have expired with more awful effect. Catherine for a few moments was motionless with
horror. "
"Hollow Murmurs seemed to creep along the gallery. And more than once her blood was chilled by the
sound of distant moans. "
"Are you prepared to encounter all the horrors?"
"her knees trembled and her cheeks grew pale"
"Mr Thorpe only laughed and drove on." "I would have jumped out and ran after you"
Henry describes a cabinet of "Ebony and Gold" containing "a roll of papers" which turns out to be "an
inventory of linen" Austen tells the reader "To suppose a manuscript of many generations back could have
remained undiscovered in a room so modern."
Austen Celebrates
Austen creates comedy through satirising Gothic elements"Here was another proof ­ [General Tilney]
must have been dreadfully cruel to [his late wife]"
Austen highlights the pleasure gothic novels give through Isabella and Catherine's reading of"Udolpho"
"but are you sure they are all horrid?"
Henry's affectionate and detailed parody and Catherine's reaction to it. "Oh no, no! Do not say so! Well,
go on."
Austen Condemns
Catherine's good sense when she rejects Gothic fantasies is presented as a progression in her character
and leads to her happy ending."Catherine was completely awakened."
The improbability of Gothic writing, Catherine's reaction to Northanger"The furniture was of modern
taste" ..."the difference was very distressing"

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Austen includes an authorial intrusion that acts as a warning against Gothic fantasy"charming as were all
Mrs Radcliffe's works..."
"It must be very improper that a young lady should dream of a gentleman before the gentleman is first
known to have dreamt of her.…read more

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No man is offended by another man's admiration of the woman he loves; it is the woman only who can
make it a torment."
"And in finding him irresistible, becoming more so herself."
"in both [marriage and dancing], man has the advantage of choice, women only the power of refusal"
(Chapter 10)
"drove so well" compared to Thorpe.…read more

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Isabella]." Foil
"No friend can be better worth keeping than Eleanor."
General Tilney
"past the bloom, but not past the vigour of life"
"altogether a very charming man."
"he could not be accountable for his children's want of spirits"
"seemed always a check upon his children's spirits"
"slowly pacing the drawing­room... with downcast eyes and contracted brow,"
"an unkind husband"
"unhappy man"
"His continual solicitations made it impossible for Catherine to forget for a moment she was a visitor.…read more


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