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Northanger Abbey Quotes

Gothic Tension

"She could not entirely subdue the hope of some traditional legends, some awful memorials of an injured
and ill-fated nun"
"you attempt to fasten your door, you discover, with increased alarm, that it has no lock."
"Miss Tilney led the way into a chamber and…

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Austen includes an authorial intrusion that acts as a warning against Gothic fantasy"charming as were all
Mrs Radcliffe's works..."


"It must be very improper that a young lady should dream of a gentleman before the gentleman is first
known to have dreamt of her."
"and frightened imagination over the…

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"No man is offended by another man's admiration of the woman he loves; it is the woman only who can
make it a torment."
"And in finding him irresistible, becoming more so herself."
"in both [marriage and dancing], man has the advantage of choice, women only the power of refusal"…

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"had a good figure, a pretty face, and a very agreeable countenance;"
"had more real elegance [than Isabella]." Foil
"No friend can be better worth keeping than Eleanor."

General Tilney

"past the bloom, but not past the vigour of life"
"altogether a very charming man."
"he could not be accountable…


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