non monetary rewards

business unit 2

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Non-monetary rewards
Method Definition Advantages Disadvantages
Team working Organising production Quicker at solving Arguments and
processes in teams problems personality clashes
Flexible When managers Easy to control Poorly
working can increase or workforce motivated
decrease the numbers to meet workforce as
number of staff the needs of the they know
easily as they are company- quiet they are only
not permanent. or busy periods. temporary.
Workforces are Company has Cost of
multi skilled so can more flexibility- training
be swopped workforce has workforce to
around different more skills. be multi
work tasks. skilled- do you
have a truly
specialist in
Job enrichment Giving a worker higher Reduce the needs of Leads to a greater
level tasks to do, often supervision work pressure
with appropriate training
Job rotation Moving workers round to Workers do not become Additional cost of
different tasks of same bored training workers
level to avoid boredom
Delegation Where senior managers Workers have a chance to Employees may feel
pass the authority to make prove their capabilities overloaded with work
decisions or plan tasks for promotion
down to their subordinates
Consultation When management asks All workers feel part of Needs to implement
subordinates for their the organisation consistency otherwise
opinion on an issue, can cause
problem or decision. The dissatisfaction
manager listens but still
makes the final decision
Empowerment Giving staff the power to Increased respect for Employees can abuse
make decisions, or plan organisational goals the power given to
work schedule- without them
checking every small detail


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