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Forces and how they affect
By Ellie Carter and Isaac Newton…read more

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Ok. . .
So Isaac may have contributed slightly more
than me to this presentation. . .
Basically, he made up the following LAWS
about forces and movement and stuff, and
we need to learn them for our P2's in a week
and a bit, so shall we get on?…read more

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Law number 1
Everything stays at rest ( not moving) OR
moving at a steady speed unless in has an
on it.
This is confusing! How about: To make
something change speed or direction there
must be a unbalanced (or resultant) force on
it. That slightly better?…read more

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So. . .
When a car moves, the two horizontal forces
are the driving FORCE from engine, and
DRAG such as air resistance
According to Isaac's little Law, the driving
FORCE could be bigger than the drag, so the
forces are unbalanced and the resultant
force makes the car accelerate.…read more

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Or. . .
The DRAG could be bigger than the driving
So the forces are unbalanced again, but this
time the resultant force makes the car slow
down by applying the brakes
Get that?…read more

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Finally. . .
The driving FORCE could equal the DRAG.
The forces are balanced so the resultant=0,
so there is NO acceleration and the car
travels at a steady speed
Note that at a higher steady speed, there is
more drag so more engine FORCE is needed
to balance it, simplezz…read more

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