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What is a network?
At home, the computer might be connected to its own
printer and scanner. This works well as you are the only
person who will be using them. Much of the time though,
they probably aren't being used and just lie idle. A
computer which isn't…

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Computers on LANs in one building can be connected to computers on LANs in another
building usually through the telephone system, often using a modem. They can also be
connected via fibre optic cables, microwave links or satellite.
By linking LANs together, the network is no longer local to one…

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On the whole, the advantages of networks outweigh the disadvantages. This is why they
are so commonly found in schools, offices and factories. Even home users are starting
to use networks to connect PCs around the house.

This is one method of connecting computers together and is the…

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Low security - every workstation can see all of the data in the network
Limited cable length and a maximum number of workstations

In a ring network layout, all of the computers are connected to one another in a circle.
The data passes from one computer to the next…


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A comprehensive account of networking collated to form an easy to read revision guide.

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