Neoliberalism vs. Neoconservatism

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Neo-liberalism vs. Neo-conservatism
Neo-liberalism Neo-conservatism
UK Restoration of free labour, product Traditional position on morality and
and financial markets wherever lifestyles
Authoritarian stance on law and order
Minimal role for state in regulation
commerce and industry Heavy emphasis on national self-interest
and patriotism
Minimal state role in regulating
economy Opposition to excessive immigration and
cultural diversity
Taxation to be kept to a minimum
Opposition to European political
Welfare is a disincentive to work integration
and enterprise, therefore should
be kept to a minimum
Support for free market in Europe
USA As above plus: As above plus:
Preference for power to be Strong religious element to moral and
reserved for individual states, not social issues
federal gov't
Insistence on protection for US industry
from foreign competition



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