Factions within UK parties

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  • Factions within UK parties
    • Labour
      • Corbyn supporters
        • Support left-wing socialist policies like renationalisation of some important industries and strong regulation of public utilities, strengthening trade unions and raising taxes to redistribute income and improve welfare services.
        • Known as Momentum, or Old Labour.
      • Opponents  of Corbyn
        • Supporters of centrist policies like poverty reduction programmes, mild redistribution of income, support for the welfare state but not excessively generous state benefits, who take a pragmatic approach to economic management.
        • Sometimes called New Labour or Blairites.
    • Conservative
      • Thatcherism (New Right)
        • Supports policies adopted in the 1980s. They include neo-liberal ideas of free markets, low taxations, low levels of welfare benefits and weakening of trade unions.
        • Also includes neo-conservatism which wishes to see a strong, authoritarian state.
        • Main groups is called Conservative Way Forward.
      • Liberal progressive conservatism
        • Opposes Thatcherite agenda and accepts need for greater social justice, liberal policies towards lifestyles and a balanced view of welfare vs low taxation.
        • Tory Reform Group is the main example.
      • One-nation Tories
        • Now a small minority who wish to avoid socially divisive policies.
      • Eurosceptics
        • After the UK's decision to leave the EU, this group hopes the UK won't remain in the European single market or the customs union but will claim full economic independence
    • Lib Dems
      • Modern liberals
        • Most support centre-left policies similar to those adopted by centrists in Labour, together with a strong position on environmental control and constitutional reform.
      • Orange Book liberals
        • Support constitutional reform and environmentalism but also neo-liberal policies which would establish very free product, labour and financial markets.
          • Throwback to 19th century classical liberals.


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