Multi-Store Model Of Memory

Notes on Multi store model

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Multi- Store Model of Memory
Sensory Memory- is the first stage for all information coming in from the sense. Capacity is
vast but only last about 2 seconds.
Short Term Memory (STM)- held information long enough to use it. Last about 15-30 seconds
and can store 7 +/- 2 Items.
Long Term Memory (LTM)- is more permanent store that has potentially infinite capacity and
Encoding- The way that information is changed so it can be stored in the different areas of the
Capacity- How much information can be held in the memory
Duration- How long information can remain in the memory

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Sensory Memory Short Term Memory Long Term Memory
Encoding Visual Acoustic Semantic
Capacity Vast (Big) 7 +/- 2 Items Infinite
Duration 0.25 ­ 2 seconds 15 - 30 seconds Permanent
Example Essay
Atkinsons and Shiffrin (1968) suggested that memory is made up of a series of stores as
shown in the diagrams below, the stores were named sensory, short term memory and long
term memory, this three stores differ in their encoding, capacity and duration.…read more

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Murdock (1962)- asked participants to learn a list of words and recall them in any order they
wanted. He found that words early in the list or at the end were often recalled more than the
words in the middle.…read more


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