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By the end of the lesson you will be
able to....
Rearrange the mole triangle to convert
mass to moles and vice versa.
Work out the formula of a substance if
you know the percentage masses.…read more

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What is a mole (description)?
· What is the value for a mole?
· If we had a mole of bananas, how many
bananas would we have?
· If we had a mole of carbon atoms, how many
atoms would we have?
· What is the mass of a mole of carbon atoms?…read more

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To calculate the number of moles we need to
know the mass and the Mr (RAM):
Moles = Mass
Calculate the number of moles (to 2dp) in...
a. 13g of Na 0.57 moles
b. 26g of Mg 1.08 moles
c. 46g of Ca 2.3 moles…read more

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To calculate the mass of a substance when we
know how many moles there are...
Mass = Moles x Mr
Calculate the mass of...
a. 2 moles of Li 14g
b. 3.5 moles of C 42g
c. 0.3 moles of S 9.6g…read more

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Moles RAM…read more

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Empirical formula is just the simplest whole
number ratio of atoms in a compound eg:
Benzene, C6H6 has the empirical formula CH.
If we know the percentages of each element
present then we can calculate the empirical
formula.…read more

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