Model Answer for Q1 - retrieval

A model answer for Q1 - the retrieval, for the English Language Paper.

A guide to help you towards making the perfect answer for the exam.

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What do you learn from the article about the achievements of Holly
This article informs Daily Echo readers about the accomplishments
of the parachutist Holly Budge.
Firstly, the article reveals that Holly made the achievement of being
the "first woman ever" to make a parachute jump from a plane over
Mount Everest, and that her jump was from the "highest drop
zone" ever achieved by a parachutist.
Secondly, we are made aware that Holly climbed "29,500 ft" in
difficult conditions which required her to wear an oxygen mask "as
the air was so thin". These challenging conditions make her
achievement all the more significant.
Moreover, we are given an insight into Holly's previous background
and the achievements she has made prior to the record-breaking
jump, namely that she has worked for some time in the extreme
sports industry and that she has made an impressive "2000 jumps
from planes, filming travellers skydiving".
Furthermore, the article highlights that Holly's success is all the
more impressive due to the harsh conditions she had to endure.
Despite being strapped with equipment "to prevent her lungs
collapsing", she reached speeds of "up to 190 mph".
Finally, the article tells the reader about the wider impact of her
feats; as well as making her family "proud" (as well as "relieved"),
the parachutist "aims to raise £30,000" for three worthwhile
charities or causes.
Mark Achieved : 8/8 ( A perfect model answer)
Link to to Holly Budge article -


? Secret - Team GR

Sorry I should have mentioned this model answer scores 8/8 so its a perfect model answer.. 

I will update this now on the resource and add the link to the source.

Thanks Ruby for giving me this improvement :)

? Secret - Team GR

And oh also, this is a model answer one of my teacher gave me at school which I used as a guidance to answer question 1

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