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Mobile Phones…read more

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Transformation of Mobile
·Bigger and ·Big and thin
wider ·Phoning and
·Only used texting
for phoning ·Other
·Antenna applications
(e.g. games)
·Video Call…read more

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What is a Smart Phone?
A Smart Phone is a phone offering
advanced features.(e.g. the ability to
send emails, surf the Internet etc.)…read more

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Some of the Features
· Internet and Email
· Bluetooth
· WiFi
· Camera/Camcorder…read more

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Internet and Email
Internet is a computer network consisting
of a worldwide network.
Email is a message that is sent through
the computer/phone. It is
communicating electronically on a
computer/phone.…read more

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Bluetooth is used for exchanging data
over short distances on your mobile
phone.…read more

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Preview of page 7

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