ICT Revision - Health Risks of a Computer

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    • ICT - Health Risks of a Computer
      • NEGATIVE
        • Obesity due to lack of activity
          • ICT should be banned along with other activities
        • Stress and illness as people can easily access work at home meaning inability to stop working
          • People should maintain a work - life balance by considering when they use ICT for work
        • Overuse of social networking sites
          • Balance online time and family time
        • Injuries such as joint pain from sitting incorrectly for a long period of time & repetitive strain injuries
          • Cange position, adjustable chair and don't sit for too long without a break.
        • Eye strains from staring at the screen for a long time.
          • Screen filters and regular breaks
        • Radio waves from mobile phone stations may affect health
          • Handfree devices for longer calls
        • Using phone whilst driving causing accidents.
          • Hand free deviices whilst driving
    • Online Friendships established on social networking
    • Easy contact with friends/family far away from home
    • Easy access to information to inform us of the news
    • Improve fitness with software such as Wii
    • Gives you accurate health and fitness monitoring
    • More job opportunities which pay high if you have ICT skills
    • Keep us safe by enabling contact
    • GPS can help us identify locations and routes to take




Hello! I sit at the computer a lot and recently I began to notice that my back and eyes began to hurt, and I realized that I needed to start doing something and I started to google, for a long time I could not find something really worthwhile, but then I came across an article https://creativepool.com/anna-koretskaya/articles/important-tips-on-staying-healthy-while-spending-a-lot-of-time-working-on-a-computer.27370 and decided to read, I really found many different useful life hacks and tips

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