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Dan Grist

Mitigation Strategies
The mitigation of global warming refers to the policies which attempt to delay, reduce or
prevent climate change caused by global warming. The intergovernmental panel on Climate
change (IPCC) fear that the degree of warming could be so great that it would cause
irreversible change. Therefore…

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Dan Grist

creating any CO2 emissions. Spain has over 400 wind farms with a total of other 12,000
turbines; this supplies Spain with 11.5% of its energy.

A US company in Brazil capture the methane from pigs, which farmers then use to generate
electricity. By preventing this methane from escaping,…

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Dan Grist

and has led to over 50 local households installing solar thermal systems through the
scheme. This all proves that local governments also play a huge roll in mitigating emissions.

A mechanism suggested for tackling climate change and warming has been the idea of using
"Carbon Sinks" to soak…


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