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Religion and Medical Ethics - Christianity
Abortion ­ Deliberate termination of pregnancy by removal
and destruction of the foetus.
Euthanasia ­ When someone is helped to die without pain
before they would die naturally ­ Voluntary, involuntary
and passive euthanasia
Cloning ­ An individual organism or cell produced asexually
from one ancestor to which they are genetically identical.
Sanctity of Life ­ The belief that all life is given by God
and therefore Sacred
Medical Ethics ­ Questions of morality that are raised by
medical situations.
Suicide ­ Deliberately ending one's own life
Fertility Treatment ­ Medical treatment to help a woman
become pregnant.
Questions that focus on Medical Ethics
Is life sacred?
When does human life begin ­ should abortion be allowed?
Should fertility treatment be allowed?
Is cloning playing God?
Should we have the right to choose when to die?
Do animals have rights?
The Sanctity of Life
All life is created by God ­ we are made in God's image.
All life is precious and sacred.
God has a plan for every life.
All life should be respected.
Life should not be destroyed.
Christisns believe that all life has sanctity. All life is a special gift from God
and all life is valuable. God, as the creator, has made everyone as individuals.
People are all unique and should be treated with respect. This means that
every human being has a right to live regardless of age, health and ability.
This principle can be applied to abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering and
cloning. If God created life then we have no right to destroy it by abortion or

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Also if God creates life then genetic engineering and cloning could
be seen as `playing God' and interfering with life.
This is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by the removal of a foetus.
This is a medical procedure.
When it comes to abortion, Christians base their views on the sanctity of life.
However, this is not always as simple as it might seem.…read more

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The Relativist Christian is not a supporter of abortion but they believe
in compassion and the woman's right to choose. For this reason they will
support abortion under certain circumstances e.g. rape or the mother is
too young or her life is at risk.
There are also 2 groups called Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Members of
these groups are not necessarily religious. Pro-Life is so against
abortion that they actively campaign to make abortion illegal.…read more

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Examples of Fertility treatment
In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) ­ test tube baby
Donor sperm or eggs
Drug treatment to stimulate the ovaries
In certain circumstances, some Christians might agree that treatment is
acceptable ­ for example, if sperm from the husband is used. However, if
there is a donor other than the husband this may be seen to be unacceptable.…read more

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Fertility treatment is playing God as the Sanctity of Life says that only
God creates life.
This means `a dignified death' and it is killing a patient with incurable illness
who cannot kill themselves. It is illegal in most countries.
Beliefs that Christians have about life are important not only in decisions
about when life begins, but also when it ends.…read more

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Anglican Church agree that life is precious but people should not be
forced to live in great pain. The ill and elderly should be made to feel
valuable and wanted so that they do not choose this option.
Quakers are divided on euthanasia as some make `living wills' requesting
death if they become terminally ill or in a coma
Evidence to support Euthanasia
Matthew 7:12 ­ `Treat others as you would like to be treated.…read more

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Quakers believe that everything in life offers new opportunities, and a person
should learn from whatever happens to them, rather than seek the end of their
Christians would show compassion as they realise the person is
depressed, mentally ill or needs help.
The Samaritans is a Christian group who try and support people who are
feeling depressed and suicidal.
The use of animals to test medical products and procedures.…read more

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Medical procedures such as heart surgery tried first on animals
Vaccines have been developed which have saved thousands of lives.
But the argument against using animals in medical research is that
Some Christians believe that we have Stewardship over animals and so
we should look after them and not experiment on them.
Jesus taught that God cares about all creatures and that we should not
harm anybody or any animal.
This is making a identical copies of a living creature by cultivating DNA.…read more



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