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Psychology unit 4 media revision

Media influences on persuasion- Hovland Yale model


This model states that attitude change occurs when attention is paid to something
which leads to an understanding of the message resulting in acceptance of that
message. The factors of source, message and audience influence this process:…

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Psychology unit 4 media revision

Message (repeated exposure) Zajonc

Presented 3 random things that included random trigrams, Chinese symbols and
photos from a yearbook. Participants were exposed to all these things repeatedly
and after a while they were more likely to find them interesting or meaningful.
This shows that repeated…

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Psychology unit 4 media revision

Criticised by the sleeper effect which suggests that credible experts speed up
attitude change but non credible experts also cause attitude change but it just
takes longer.

Lists lots of factors but doesn't say which is important. This is an issue because
those who use…


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