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Persuasion and Attitude Change…read more

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Persuasion and Attitude Change
· Hovland Yale
· Elaboration Likelihood Model
· Cognitive Dissonance
· Television and Advertising as a means of
persuasion.…read more

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· 4 factors influence persuasion and attitude
· The Communicator
· The Message
· The Channel
· The Audience…read more

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· The Communicator
· Experts more persuasive.
· Audience must believe the communicator.
· Credibility- Oppenheimer versus Pravda
· In ads- people wear white coats.
· Less used but pseudo science in ads still exists.…read more

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· Attractiveness is also important- hence the
use of celebrities.
· People who speak rapidly are more persuasive
than those who speak slowly.
· It makes it seem as if the person knows what
they are talking about.
· People will tend to concur with experts-
classical music experiment.…read more

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· The Message
· Need to try and present a two-sided argument
that is balanced. If the audience is on your
side then a one-sided argument will work but
if they need persuading then a two sided
argument is needed.
· The two sides inoculates them against later
disputes or confliction.…read more

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