Mary Seacole 'Mother Seacole'

This is a brief fact file about her life the harsh relaties she went through and what heroin she was! Hope this was useful! pls comment!

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Mary Seacole:
Name: Mary Seacole
Born: In Kingston,Jamacia in 1805
Family life: Mary learned her nursing skills from her mother who kept a
boariding house for invalid soldiers. Her Father a Scottish solider.
Althought technically `free', being mixed raced, Mary and her family had
problems they had few civil rights they could not vote, hold public
office or enter the professions. Due to the colour of their skin.
Marriage: In 1836, Mary married Edwin Seacole but the marriage didn't
last long as Edwin died in 1844.
Traveller: Unlike Florence Mary before her marriage travelled alot of
places to gain experience she visited: Parts of the Caribbean, including
Cuba,Haiti and the Bahamas, as well as Central America and Britain.
She did this to gain medical knowledge to see how they cured and
treated wounds in those countries.
After travelling: In 1854, Seacole travelled to England again, and
approached the War Office, asking to be sent as an army nursr to the
Crimea where there was known to be poor medical facilities for
wounded solidiers. She was refused. Some people say it was due to
the colour off her skin she had experience and all that medical
knowledge and they were desperate for the help so why else would
they not send her?.
The Crimean War: Seacole found her own way to scutari to the
Crimean War. Seacole funded her own trip to the Crimea where she
established the British Hotel near Balaclava to provide `a messtable
and comfortable quarters for the sick and convalescent officers'.
She also visited the battlefield, sometimes under fire, to nurse the
wounded, and became known as `Mother Seacole'.
After the war: she returned to England destitute and in ill health. The
press highlighted her plight and in huly 1857 a benefit festival was
organised to raise money for her, attracting thousands of people. Later

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Seacole published her memoirs,' The Wonderful Adventures
of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands'.
Died: On the 14th of May 1881.
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