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Marxist view of the Family
"The Origin of the Family, Private
Property and the State "
Frederick Engels 1884…read more

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Engels took an evolutionary view of
the family.
As the mode of production changed
through history so did the family…read more

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Primitive Communism
At the start of human development
Engels said there was a stage of
primitive communism. Property
was owned collectively and there was
no private family.
This was an era of sexual freedom
and promiscuity. No rules limited
sexual relationships. Society itself
was the family.…read more

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The Family and Private Property
With the advent of private property came
the need for restrictions on sexual activity.
These increased in time moving through
stages until finally we arrived at the
monogamous nuclear family model of
modern society
Engel's claimed that the nuclear family
fulfils certain requirements of capitalism…read more

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Capitalism and the Family
Capitalism requires monogamous
marriage to solve the problem of
property inheritance.
Men had to be certain of who were
their heirs and that they were
legitimate heirs.
Men therefore needed to control
women through the monogamous
family.…read more

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Eli Zaratsky ­ how the family helps
perpetuate capitalism
Eli Zaratsky claims that society creates the "illusion" that
family private life in separate from the economy.
Zaratsky claims that the family cushions workers from
the brutal realities of capitalism and in this way helps
perpetuate capitalism.
Capitalism is also "propped up" by the domestic labour of
housewives who reproduce the future labour force
The family is also an important consumer of the products
of capitalism
Zaratsky therefore concludes that the family is an
institution that is in reality very closely linked to the
economy and the perpetuation of capitalism…read more


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