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Marxist explanations of crime
and deviance…read more

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Criminal law
· Marxists believe that all laws are created
for the benefit of the ruling class and that
law reflects their values and is created to
protect them…read more

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Law Creation and enforcement
· The dominant set of values creates the
law, however Marxists believe that the
ruling class values are forced on to the
lower classes, so what they are agreeing
to is just a reflection of upper class values…read more

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Marxists believe that the justice system is
biased in favour of the ruling classes and
that the police and courts will arrest and
punish working class people more than
upper class people…read more

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Individual motivation
· Bonger (1916) outlined the beliefs that a
capitalist society runs on. These were
competition, selfishness and greed.
· He said that because of these values
crime was a normal and logical outcome…read more

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Crime and control
· Marxists believe that the ruling classes try
to distract the lower classes from the
reality of their situation
· Crime plays a large part in this as it diverts
the attention towards the "evil and
frightening" nature of certain groups in
society.…read more

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