Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King research

Research on two leaders in the Civil Rights Movement in preparation for my Controlled Assessment on the effectiveness of peaceful protest methods used by MLK compared to violent methods used by Malcolm X :)

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Malcolm X was shot
`Malcolm was strong, proud, and eloquent and stood tall and even in the last minutes of his
life, he remained steadfast and dedicated to the struggle and philosophy of Black
Malcolm X = fiery Islam minister who mocked the civil rights movement before being
Born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19th 1925
7th child to his father, it became his lucky number
Kkk came to lynch Malcolm's father, months before he was born, for spreading `radical ideas
about freedom'
Born Malcolm Little he was intelligent and loved learning
Malcolm's father was a poor country preacher
Malcolms father organised the meetings for Marcus Garvey and as a result there was a lot of
hate for his father.
Marcus Garvey = charismatic leader wanting to unify the Negro community, founded United Negro
improvement association.
To escape oppressive racism in Omaha, Malcolm's family moved to East Lansing in
Michigan however the KKK made their presence known there too.
The week the Little family were due to be evicted because of their ethnicity the
house mysteriously set on fire and the family were forced out, these were
extremely unhappy and chaotic days and Malcolm was deeply affected.
When Malcolm was six his dad was found by the railroad tracks barely alive with his
skull smashed and his body cut up and crushed.
The family had no income as the insurance wouldn't pay up so Malcolm started
getting into trouble and stealing food and poaching rabbits and fish to eat.
Welfare workers were constantly visiting the family and separating the children, his
mother had a mental breakdown and Malcolm was placed with a foster family.
Malcolm was a target at school and stereotyped, he was oppressed from following
his dreams
Malcolm moved to Boston with his sister Ella and loved the city and started hanging
round with a bad crowd, drank, gambled and did drugs and also had a series of jobs
and girlfriends
Malcolm went from one hustle to another and was constantly under surveillance by
police, he was taken to prison for stealing a watch and sentenced to 10 years
While in Prison Malcolm X joined the nation of Islam and after being released he
became a leader and spokesperson for the nation
Tension between the leader of the nation caused Malcolm to quit and then tour the
middle east and Africa and founded Muslim Mosques Inc,
Less than a year after he left the Nation of Islam he was assinated whilst giving a
speech by 3 of the group's members

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Born Martin Luther King Jr on January 15th 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, his Dad was a clergymen
Martin Luther King was a clergyman, activist and leader in the fight for Black American civil
rights, using non violent methods influenced by Gandhi.…read more


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